Fittings and extensions Kapriol Power Tools are manufactured using nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with CNC machines of last generation to ensure the same maximum precision and high performance.
The 40NiCrMo6 steel with which we manufacture our fittings is one of the best in this category, an ideal compromise between mechanical strength, toughness and elasticity, particularly suitable to withstand high loads, shocks and especially to withstand the stresses to which it is subjected. The wide range of fittings and extensions is able to meet most of the threads used in the industry.

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56045Raccordo rapido 1" 1/4 M
56151Raccordo 1/2 F-1p1/4 F
56159Raccordo Hilti 3 scanalature 1/2" F
56160Raccordo Hilti 6 scanalature 1/2 F
56161Raccordo Hilti Millerighe M-1"1/4 M
56162Raccordo Hilti Millerighe F-1"1/4 M
56124Raccordo Hilti 6 scan M 1" 1/4 UNC
56150Raccordo 1/2 M-1p1/4 M
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