Aerial installer kit

Allows work to be conducted on inclined surfaces in total safety, with maximum range of
action of max. 2 metres guaranteeing free movement during work. Ideal for aerial installers
or maintenance of chimneys.

  • Protective helmet with ABS exterior and chin strap with emergency release device (27999)
  • Beta 3 harness with back fall protection ring (A) and two front connectors (A/2) which can be used individually; adjustable leg loops and braces, leg loop block strap (27974)
  • 2 m retractable device with polyester webbing strap, energy absorption system applied to the strap and revolving ring anchorage (27937)
  • 120 cm polyamide anchorage webbing with steel connection rings (breaking load 35 kN) (27952)
  • Oval steel snap hook and locknut (breaking load 25 kN) (27989)


  • Declaration of conformity KIT AERIAL INSTALLERS 

Art./Item Comp.
99127 27996 n.1
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