Extra professional blowtorch kit

Technical features

Professional kit specific for bitumen membrane applications.
Guarantees excellent results thanks to the developed flame power.

  • Fast opening lever and pilot tap for correct gas regulation
  • Brass tap plug
  • Hose protection spring to avoid bends that can cut
  • LPG professional regulator - adjustable from 0 to 4 bar - 12 kg/h capacity with safety valve.
  • In the event of hose explosion, the safety valve stops gas output from the tank

Kit consisting in:

  • Blowtorch
  • 8x15 mm 20 bar rubber hose
  • ISO3821.2010 standard 10 m
  • Pressure regulator


Blazing quality

Art./Item Lungh.Cannello (Ø mm.)
Ø mm.
Lungh.Tubo Acciaio Cannello (mm.)
Lungh.Tubo Gomma (m.)
Potenza calorica (Kcal/h)
32630 60 220 10 93000
32633 tubo di ricambio 10
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