Iron, cast iron, granite


The Matrix diamond disc represents the state-of-the-art of the most advanced technologies of production systems with uncontrolled diamond arrangement available at the service of the most demanding operator. Since its inception, our most important distributors around the world have recognised its absolute superiority in the category of traditional production systems.
Matrix is an innovative laser-segmented diamond disc that cuts iron, steel and construction materials without overheating, with a duration of use of 500-700 abrasive discs, greatly reducing sparks.

Matrix allows you to cut iron, steel and construction materials with the same disc.

The cutting speed of the Matrix is ensured by a special combination of diamond coated
with titanium and an innovative binding agent.

The core of the disc is reinforced with vents that allow the tool not to overheat,
increasing its durability and maintaining maximum cutting speeds.

Flat iron bars - guard rail - round reinforced iron bar - cast iron tubes - granite and
natural stone - construction wood up to a max 2 cm

Materials type and Quality standard 

  • Brick 
  • Concrete 
  • Reinforced concrete 
  • Granite/Stone 
  • Iron/Cast iron 
  • Wood 


Cutting indications

              Dry cut

              Humid cut

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5430022,21152,47835ferro, ghisa, granito
5430122,22302,471640ferro, ghisa,granito
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