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Dynamic 37.5 - The most advanced line for your profession and free time

From the “active particles” of volcanic origin the new 37.5® technology that increases comfort and improves performance.

Technology: wide field of research that studies the application and use of everything that can be functional to the solution of practical problems. And a practical problem that everyone faces in the various seasons is body temperature. We do physical activity and the body temperature rises and the body produces sweat - and we are hot - and shortly after the sweat evaporates, we immediately feel cold. And here the 37.5 Technology comes to our aid.

How does it work ?

It is a dynamic technology that interacts with the body to determine if it needs heating or cooling. It is activated with moisture and works based on the amount of moisture near the skin. Operation occurs through active particles, consisting of volcanic sand, which capture the infrared energy that the body emits. If there is moisture, it accelerates evaporation to cool; if, on the other hand, there is no humidity, the IR energy is returned to keep the body warm.

Science fiction? No, a technology that solves practical problems and helps keep the body at the ideal internal temperature of 37.5 degrees and the microclimate near the skin at an ideal relative humidity of 37.5%. The quick removal of steam, before it turns into sweat is the key to comfort and by improving comfort, fatigue is reduced and our performance increases.

Fabrics produced with 37.5 technology do not lose their effectiveness following use or washing as the active particles are incorporated in the yarns that make up the garments.

Kapriol proposes the Dynamic 37.5 clothing line for the 2022 collection, composed of garments that are easy to wear and easy to maintain; the most advanced answer for the most demanding professional. 37.5 technology is “Skin Friendly” certified (DIN EN ISO 10993 5 2009 10) in compliance with European standards.

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