Vacuum suction cup

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- 200mm diameter 

- horizontal load capacity: 120kg 

  • Aluminium body with shockproof rubber coating
  • Robust ABS handle supports
  • Natural rubber pad with high adhesive effect
  • Handle made of non-slip bi-component material for better grip
  • Vacuum gauge to monitor grip status. Indicates if vacuum needs to be restored
  • Protective cover to protect the rubber pad during transport
  • Supplied with plastic case for storage and transport

The manual vacuum pump is activated by pressing. On the button, the safety indicator disappears once the suction cup reaches the ideal vacuum and the dial indicator pointer moves to green. In the event of a loss of vacuum, the safety indicator reappears and the pointer moves to the red dial; at this point pump again to maintain the ideal vacuum charge in the suction cup.

The suction cup is equipped with a manual decompression valve that allows the suction cup to be easily removed from the surface to be handled.

The vacuum gauge monitors the gripping state of the suction cup, indicating to the operator when the vacuum needs to be restored, if necessary.

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