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BORN TO WIN TOGETHER: for the seventh consecutive year, united for our champions
The partnership between the Gresini Racing team and Kapriol gets stronger! The historic collaboration, born from the deep bond of friendship and founded on the common values of reliability and quality, takes a further step forward creating Kapriol Champions: a concept aimed at excellence and the pursuit of absolute performance. Two teams characterised by solid principles and the same determination to pursue victory through hard work and dedication, whether it is to cross the finish line first in a MotoGP race or to provide those who work with the best equipment. The spearheads of the Gresini Team are the fantastic Marc Márquez 73 and Alex Márquez 93: two true champions who ride the Ducati Desmosedici motorcycles with their shiny red and blue livery and on whose fairings the Kapriol logo stands out. Marc is already a motorcycling legend, a multiple world champion with record-breaking numbers: whether we're talking about world championships, pole positions or grand prix wins, few can boast a curriculum of this level
Kapriol sanding machines: technology and performance for professionals
Kapriol proposes itself to the world of drywall and wood sanding with a new line of four machines with excellent performance. Three wall sanders, two of which with a telescopic handle, and an orbital wood sander, to satisfy most market needs. The top product in the line is the KSWB 400 wall sander for drywall, which, like the KOSB 350 orbital sander, is equipped with a brushless electric motor - Brushless technology - that guarantees more power, longer service life and greater manoeuvrability thanks to its low weight.
Perfect cutting, sanding and drilling? Choose Power Tools and performance is assured!
Can a diamond not only be beautiful but also functional? At Kapriol yes, and the Power Tools line proves it, with diamond and abrasive blades that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also impeccable in use. Capable of making perfect cuts, thanks to the excellent technology specially selected to achieve optimum performance, what also sets them apart is their ability to guarantee complete worker safety during operations.
With only a few days to the end of the event, we can say that we consider the first edition of the International Hardware Fair Italy a very successful event. The large turnout, the high profile of the exhibiting companies and the public that visited the fair, especially on Friday, have made the Italian edition an event to be noted for the coming years.
Kapriol travels to Tuscany and immerses itself in nature, alongside the "Le Rogaie" farm

For decades we have been used to moving around the world, reaching even the most remote corners of the planet to forge professional and trusting relationships with different players. However, this year we have decided not to go too far and to land in Tuscany to collaborate with a reality that, at least at first glance, seems to have no point in common with Kapriol. We are talking about the "Le Rogaie" farm which, in the splendid setting of the Maremma, near Grosseto, works in close contact with the earth and nature. The main activity of "Le Rogaie" is the breeding of dairy cows, but it also deals with crops, above all that of olive trees. Tasks narrated and explained on social channels, with videos and posts where love for the land exudes but also the commitment that such a job entails, making it rediscover or get to know for the first time. And it is precisely in the activities that the farm carries out every day that we will insert ourselves, making Kapriol-branded clothing, tools and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) available for all those who undertake to carry it forward with good will, commitment and dedication. But what do a world linked to the environment like that of "Le Rogaie" has in common with the building context in which Kapriol operates? Many and small aspects, starting from the relationship with the roots, shared and told daily through actions and choices, emphasized even more by being both family-run businesses, linked to their history. With respect to the products offered, both we and "Le Rogaie" put quality first, not only in what we produce but also in the authentic relationships we form, whether they are with customers or with nature and animals. However, having solid roots does not make us give up dreaming of the future and making it more and more present every moment that passes, putting into play passion and a great desire to innovate and progress to reach new goals. In this, the Kapriol family and that of "Le Rogaie" are very similar. In the midst of this horizon, Kapriol and Le Rogaie see the word 'green' stand out. Doing business while respecting the environment will become an indispensable practice to ensure the survival of the planet. "Le Rogaie" fully expresses the intention of safeguarding the environment, moving in full respect of the context that surrounds it. Like Kapriol, we have also embarked on this journey by joining the Treedom project, but the collaboration with the farm represents a further step in continuing on this path and creating a better future. Let us not forget that man is an integrated part of this change, both positively and negatively: it is he who interacts directly with the environment, whether he has regard for it or not. By deciding to accompany "Le Rogaie" in the daily toil, dressing and equipping the workers, we choose to embrace a larger and more universal ethical cause, supporting a reality that takes care of the land, plants and animals and does not exploit them intensively to produce raw materials. Sustainability, as well as through the production process, can also pass through other ways, such as human and collaborative relationships. Now, thanks to the new partnership with Le Rogaie, Kapriol orange shades will appear among the Maremma earth colours.

Wear summer with Kapriol - Summer Collection 2023
Summer, a time when you crave lightness, happiness and colour even in the workplace. If this seems impossible, it's because you haven't had a chance to discover the Kapriol Summer Collection 2023 yet! A line that seeks to transfer  into garments the dynamism and liveliness that characterise summer.
New Hand Tools catalogue, everything you need at a glance
Flipping through the pages, scrolling through the product names and reading the descriptions, anyone with a catalogue at hand naturally performs these operations to find the item he needs.
Performing and sustainable 'feather' effect padding? Kapriol chooses Thermore
Since Kapriol met Thermore, you can stop putting cold and uncomfortable in the same sentence. In contexts where high-performance materials are required, Thermore answers the call, giving clothing features of comfort, lightness and resistance. And we at Kapriol know it well, having verified it first hand.
BUDMA 2023: 31st edition
2023 started with our first presence at BUDMA, Poznan International Fair in Poland. Great success of visitors from many foreign countries interested in learning about the news of the market of companies producing building materials and all the products that revolve around the world of construction.
OEKO-TEX: a safety sign on Kapriol clothing
The search for high quality garments has grown enormously, we no longer look only at how affordable a garment is, but we also pay more attention to the durability and composition of the materials with which it was produced.
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